6 Hot Taxation Topics

Infographic reveals strongly debated Tax Issues

6 Hot Taxation Topics
July 7, 2016 It's fair to say that tax affects most areas of our lives. Certain taxes are more controversial than others, as American businesses and consumers question why they should pay the government for services that don't always benefit them. Explore six contentious taxation issues in the infographic above from Northeastern University's Master of Science in Taxation online program.
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Jonathan | 07.07.16 @ 19:02
Fair Tax now please and thank you!
Carla | 07.07.16 @ 19:02
I am seriously worried about the health insurance aspect. We have had it with the rise in premiums and less coverage.
irene | 07.07.16 @ 19:02
There shouldn't be penalties for people who can't afford insurance
trish | 07.07.16 @ 19:05
I hate to read this And the fact that those that cannot afford insurance are the ones that need it most breaks my heart
Vebinista | 07.07.16 @ 19:06
That's a lot of information to digest and very interesting. I did imd it interesting that we fine people that can't afford to pay for something .......seems counterproductive and not very cost effective.
Erin | 07.07.16 @ 19:06
I'm glad to see states are taking the off-shore tax havens into their own hands and trying to put a stop to the tax avoidance by big corporations. Hopefully they are successful and more states will follow.
Wanda Langley | 07.07.16 @ 19:07
I do not think that it is Fair to Tax People who can not afford the High Insurance Premiums and lowering the amount that is paid per Doctor Visit.
Debbie | 07.07.16 @ 19:07
Of all the information on here the tax topic that still irks me is the health care fine. Most low income families have no health care unless their state provides it at no cost if they even qualify.. Most are income earning families too that are assisted by other state aid. How is it fair that they pay a fine out of their taxes for something that is financially impossible for them throughout the year?
Ron | 07.07.16 @ 19:09
I push for consumption taxes personally, that said, why are large companies getting passes on their due taxes for sometimes ten years. All those taxes that aren't given to public schools or roads yet they absorb population without the receiving the benefit of the dollar that should have been raised for them. As a kicker, even estate taxes over 5 million can be disastrous for small family farms once willed down to the kids.
Bev | 07.07.16 @ 19:43
The tax system needs to be reformed, terribly. Interesting info graphic, good to see that some states are starting to go after corporations.
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