American Homebuyers By The Numbers (2016 Infographic)

Keys to Homeownership – Part 5

American Homebuyers By The Numbers (2016 Infographic)
October 17, 2016

In today's economy, who's buying homes and why? Discover the answers in this numerical profile of average U.S. homebuyers in our infographic above.

The previous infographics in our Keys to Homeownership series looked at how Americans searched for and chose the homes they bought, as well as how they made their down payments and what sacrifices they had to make to pay for the homes. Next week, we'll end the series off with a profile of American home sellers, which you can compare to the profile of homebuyers above.

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Zanna | 10.17.16 @ 16:29
I was just talking about this with my 20 year old son, he's not sure he'll ever own a home. He worries it's too expensive, and that his career choice won't allow him to save enough.
Carla | 10.17.16 @ 16:31
This is a very interesting graphic. We bought our home because we were tired of paying rent into something that wasn't ours and to have something to pass on to our son. We are in the category of younger baby boomers.
Elaine | 10.17.16 @ 16:46
We have bought a home before but at the moment we are living in my hubs family home. Hopefully we will be able to purchase it soon, so this graph was very interest to me.
Chrisitna | 10.17.16 @ 16:46
We have been renting for the last several years after moving to a new state. until we are sure exactly where we want to be for the long term. Sadly, the price of homes in this area continues to climb every year, so we'll need to make a decision with the next year.
Patricia | 10.17.16 @ 19:19
Was actually a bit surprised with the high percentage of the millennials purchasing homes. I worked with a lot within that age group, and they felt it was better to pay rent so they could relocate for work easily, and didn't have extra expenses with maintenance. I expected that percentage to be lower, but I guess the pool of people I spoke with represent the minority. If we were purchasing today, we would definitely fit in most of the boxes within our age group, GenX.
Leslie | 10.19.16 @ 00:20
We've considered buying, but the market is so depressed and our credit isn't the best, we'd be underwater right out of the gate. When you factor in taxes and maintenance, even though we'd like the freedom that home ownership gives you, renting just makes more sense for us. We're Gen X-ers with 2 kids at home, one over 18 and one under.
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