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Annuities: age 52. Where to start searching for low cost annuity? What's the costs vs returns? When should I start investing in annuities?

Currently putting $20K in 403K, $3k in IRA.
Is Vangaurd the best place for annuities?

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October 15, 2014

This is an excellent question, but one that isn't that easy to answer. Annuities are a lot like laptop computers, they call with all sorts of features, benefits, and price points. And, they continue to change fees/features quickly. These investments can also be difficult to understand. This is certainly one investment that it pays to consult with a professional before purchasing.

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September 29, 2015

As soon as you can. Start with a fixed indexed annuity ( no fees) and look for one that offers a spread not a cap. You can expect somewhere between 4-6% return for a 10yr period. If you are looking for a higher return you will be disappointed with the FIA.

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