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About Us: Phillip James is a local, independent wealth management company. Our focus is always on you, the client, and our relationship starts with a face-to-face meeting with our financial advisors. We are a part of the community, located in the beautiful suburb of Plymouth, and are here to help you, our neighbor, not Wall Street. We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients, getting to know their reason for investing and planning. We call this Investing with Purpose. Everyone has a purpose, we want to understand yours and build your plan and investments around this. We care as much about why you are investing as what you invest in. We use the “Fee-Only” financial planning model because it allows us to give you the best possible advice. We are a Fiduciary which means by law we have to act in your best interest, not our own. Because of this we do not sell financial products and instead offer objective advice on investments and financial planning.

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Answered by Steve Stanganelli
CFP®, CRPC® in Amesbury, MA
Mutual funds are a tool for investing. And like all tools they're not good or bad but you'll be better served if you use them correctly. First, the basics: A mutual...
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Answered by Winnie Sun PRO+
Financial Adviser in Irvine, CA
I like rolling old 401(k)'s into one IRA, because it's easier to manage and keep track of. There are other reasons you may, may not want to do this, and it's best to b...
Asked by Lynn
Answered by Alex Bentley PRO+
Financial Adviser in Pacific Palisades, CA
Your risk should be reflective of your age, your investment horizon and your risk tolerance. There is not one easy formula to determine what your risk should be. Cer...







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