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My objective is to generate the most optimal risk-adjusted return for our clients, using both traditional and alternative investments.

Financial Adviser at Endowment Wealth Management, Inc. in Appleton, WI


Endowment Wealth Management was founded on the philosophy that all family wealth should be managed through the utilization of the Endowment Investment Philosophy (EIP), which is how most major University Endowments’ have been managed for decades. The increasing complexities of the financial markets and ever changing tax laws have put an end to the use of the classic buy and hold investment strategy. Our firm’s three dimensional EIP Portfolio is comprised of unique Equity, Income and Risk Managed asset allocation pools that are also divided between core and satellite allocations. Our firm implements the EIP based on your unique risk profile, by creating a “Core” asset allocation comprised of passive ETF’s in order to utilize their low cost, transparency, liquidity and favorable tax benefits to build a core portfolio. We then strategically add various tactical “Satellite” asset allocations comprised of alpha producing mangers that utilize separately managed accounts (SMA), etc.

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Asked by Lynn
Answered by Prateek Mehrotra
Financial Adviser in Appleton, WI
The short answer is YES. The Employer is the sponsor of the 401(K) plan and most likely a fiduciary as well. They can decide to change the line up of investment option...
Asked by Erin
Answered by Prateek Mehrotra
Financial Adviser in Appleton, WI
Erin, Here is a simple way to do this. After you sell your stocks you will know the selling price. Your Capital Gains is equal to the difference between the Selling...
Asked by Sadi
Answered by Prateek Mehrotra
Financial Adviser in Appleton, WI
I would go back to his grandma's tax return and trace the annual 1099 interest report and get the account number from that before contacting the bank. Keep in mind ...



Chief Investment Officer-Third-Party ETF Strategist that builds Exchange Traded Fund based Models
Chief Investment Officer-Wealth Mgmt-Multi-Family Office & RIA Serving, Endowments, 401k plans, etc.