How to Start Saving for Retirement

The Budgetnista explains a simple method in this Exclusive Video

December 9, 2015

Tiffany Aliche is a popular financial blogger filled with good ideas about budgeting, retirement and much more. The Budgetnista (@TheBudgetnista) sat down recently with Moneytips co-Founder Michael Dubrow to explain the best way to start saving for retirement.

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Sarah | 12.09.15 @ 21:01
She has a lot of good ways in there. well worth a watch. I'll be looking for ways to implement some myself.
Britt | 12.09.15 @ 21:01
This is a great video with lots of information. I was wondering how to start to be honest .
Carla | 12.09.15 @ 21:01
very interesting. I wish I had known a lot of this when I was much younger.
Kbrawdy | 12.09.15 @ 21:01
We already have started saving for our retirement. We have a certain percent of our paycheck taken out each time!
Erin | 12.09.15 @ 21:01
Yes! Every small step towards saving is a positive step. A lot of people get frustrated because they are not saving large numbers. It all adds up and can add up quickly.
Elaine | 12.09.15 @ 21:02
Thanks for the video so we all can get some great tips and advice.
Steffanie | 12.09.15 @ 21:02
Thank you for this video. We have been struggling with ideas on how to save.
Kailie | 12.09.15 @ 21:03
This is def worth a watch. I was hoping we'd get videos soon.
Meredith L | 12.09.15 @ 21:03
I love that TIffany started off with people knowing their budget. You MUST know what you have, what you spend in order to know what you can save. For me, it's literally pennies in a jar because the rest of my money is paying off debt. But that's what my budget can give to put away...and at least it's something.
Tina | 12.09.15 @ 21:04
This is an informative video for a topic many (especially young people) are confused about. I love the video format, too!
Heather | 12.09.15 @ 21:05
This is great information I can use since I finally have a job again.
Kyle | 12.09.15 @ 21:05
Awesome video. I've been looking for tips and such like this.
gracie | 12.09.15 @ 21:07
Video had some useful tips! Wish more of this info had been easier to find and laid out simply like this when I was younger and just starting out financially!
Leslie | 12.09.15 @ 21:11
These are some excellent tips! It's so hard to know where to start when it comes to saving.
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