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I am receiving an inheritance from my mother's estate, should we use it to buy a house?

We are both on disability and not sure how much assets you can have when on disability and medicare/medicaid. Should we put the whole inheritance into buying a house?

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June 01, 2015

Hi - let's see what I can do for you. The first order of business with an inheritance is to pay off any existing debts. If your only income is disability payments, getting debt-free is the first best action you can take. Once you've done that, Is the inheritance large enough to pay cash for a home? If it isn't, where would the rest of the funds come from? You don't say how old you are, but if you are at least 62, you might be able to use a Reverse Mortgage to buy a house. It usually requires no down payment and no monthly payments. The bank charges interest of course, but you don't receive a bill - it is added to the original loan. The bank owns the house just like with a traditional mortgage. The Reverse Mortgage becomes due when you move out of the house - either by choice or circumstances. At that time, the bank owns the house unless you are able to arrange financing to buy it from the bank. You will also want to consider the other costs of home ownership like property taxes, maintenance and utilities. If your income won't support owning a home - even if you can pay cash - then you shouldn't buy one. You will need to check with the government agency that is paying your benefits as to how the inheritance or home purchase might affect your benefits. Good luck!

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