Asked by CJ  |  Submitted January 31, 2015

I plan to retire at age 65. I have a TSP, should I plan to pay off my mortgage and invest in rental property or is it better to take 4% a year?

I have pension from the military and U.S.P.S. I will apply for Social Security. at 66 1/2.

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January 31, 2015

Dear CJ, first of all the reason I may answer your question(s) because I am also lic and reg. in FL. For me to be able to answer your question, I need additional information from you. Example, how much income do you actually need? also, we need to incorporate your other income and also your actual monthly expenses. Please feel free to email me for a confidential info and response. See my profile for my contact information. Kind regards, Carmen P. Calaway, Financial Advisor,

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February 01, 2015

Hi CJ. This is a great question! Unfortunately, I don't know of any advisor who would weigh in on this without more info, so I suggest you contact a professional near you, such as Carmen Calaway, who answered you earlier. Take care!

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