Insurance Companies



Asked by Erin
Answered by Timothy Peddycoart PRO+
Insurance Agent in Big Lake, MN
I concur with Greg - most insurers will want one that is fairly current - within the last couple years if it is over a certain value. It's not a bad idea to get ...
Asked by an anonymous user
Answered by Michael Keeler
CFP®, CLTC in Las Vegas, NV
That's a great question and I don't think enough people really research this. One of the biggest things to look for is the company's rating by a third party, such as A...


Asked by Michael
Answered by Priscilla Callans
Insurance Agent in Gurnee, IL
Hi Michael, The best answer, is ‘it depends’. Insurance companies are definitely trying to underwrite for different types of losses now more than they ever did, an...
Asked by George
Answered by Richard Eddy
Financial Adviser in La Verne, CA
In my practice, we only use "A" rated (or better) carriers. The rating that I am talking about here refers to the claims-paying ability of the insurance company, and i...
Asked by John
Answered by Scott Nelson
Insurance Agent in Atlanta, GA
Typically, yes, you would need coverage specifically designed to protect your classic car. It may actually be cheaper than a traditional policy if you don't drive the ...
Asked by Crystal
Answered by Kirby Thomas PRO+
Online Life Insurance Comp in San Diego, CA
Hello Crystal Let's get to the source of the worry by taking a closer look at what ratings mean. They point to only two things: the claims paying history of a carri...
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