Investing Tips And Insights From Institutional Investors (Infographic)

Natixis global survey reveals insights into the management of institutions' financial plans

Investing Tips And Insights From Institutional Investors (Infographic)
February 18, 2016 If you think investing in the stock market is hard, imagine managing multi-million-dollar portfolios. Take a look at our infographic above to see how institutional investors in charge of $31 trillion plan to invest this year.
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Carla | 02.18.16 @ 21:03
Oh my goodness. I'm sure that smart institutions have teams of people to manage investments. Looks complicated.
Alec | 02.18.16 @ 21:03
The stock market seems extremely complicated and stressful. I don't have millions to invest, but if I did, I'd definitely do my research and be active in the managing of where my funds are being invested. The statistics make it look like somebody could have lost a HUGE amount of money if they didn't invest properly.
Erin | 02.18.16 @ 21:03
That is a lot of information to digest. I'm always a little leery when it comes to predictions, but they are definitely worth checking out.
Elaine | 02.18.16 @ 21:07
I am always shy of predictions bc too much can alter them. Great infor non the less
Sarah | 02.18.16 @ 21:11
I love infographics. I find them so much easier to digest than a written out list of stuff. very cool
Ambar | 02.18.16 @ 21:14
I´ve always wanted to know how all of this works. Every time I try to look it up I end up more confused than before. Is there any way you guys could explain this like in a 5 y/o level? Lol. Thanks in advance and thanks for the info.
Meredith L | 02.18.16 @ 21:22
I really would have liked to see recommendations on how aggressive savings should be the older one is when they begin saving. It's amazing how we have to judge risk against reward while still keeping an eye out for the volatile markets AND what our financial goals are.
Steffanie | 02.18.16 @ 21:27
That's a lot of information! I am not one to listen to predictions, but I guess they probably know more than I do. Worth looking into for investing.
Beverly | 02.18.16 @ 21:28
Interesting. I know I like diversity in my portfolio with a lean to the more conservative side. The stock market is definitely not for amateurs......just ask my late step-father. You definitely should do a lot of research and know which way is going to best for you and your goals/plans.
trish | 02.18.16 @ 21:30
I am amazed that there are people out there that look at all of these graphics and think...I totally get this. So glad those people exist to help companies, (AND ME!) with this stuff.
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