Asked by Chrisitna
Answered by Michael Minter
Financial Adviser in Tampa, FL
Always take advantage of the Match your company is providing you. This is FREE money, so what whatever your company is matching you, make sure to contribute the maxim...
Asked by Jill
Answered by Richard Eddy
Financial Adviser in La Verne, CA
If your employer doesn't offer a retirement plan, an IRA or Roth IRA are good options. Although they are more limited in the amount of money that you can contribute ea...


Asked by Yvette
Answered by Stacy Marcus
CDFA™ CFEI™ in New York, NY
Yvette, I hope you received qualified professional tax and financial planning advice when you made the decision to roll over your 401(k) into an annuity. The terms an...
Asked by Bobbie
Answered by David Meyers
Financial Adviser in Palo Alto, CA
You have a variety of options as to what to do with it. And leaving it alone is one of them -- so long as (a) it's invested well (i.e., good investment choice, low/no...
Asked by Heather
Answered by Michael Keeler
CFP®, CLTC in Las Vegas, NV
The best way to start saving is to have some different accounts for different time horizons. For example, a savings account with 3-6 months worth of living expenses is...
Asked by Erin
Answered by Tim
Like many things in life . . . it depends. If you have an actual defined benefit pension account, you would be looking at moving it to some other pension manager, and...
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