Labor Day Statistics (2017 Infographic)

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Labor Day Statistics (2017 Infographic)
September 1, 2017

Despite its reputation as the unofficial end of summer, Labor Day is really about American workers. But on the first Labor Day, the workers who marched lost a day's pay! Compare our infographic above with 2016's Labor Day infographic to see how the labor force has changed in the past year. Since August 26 is Women’s Equality Day, we also compared paychecks between the genders.

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Daniel | 08.30.16 @ 15:57
Well laid out and visual, easy to understand info here. Let's remember the day is about more than BBQs
Steffanie | 08.30.16 @ 15:59
I am really impressed with this infographic. It is loaded with a ton of information and is a great visual in helping you see where the money is earned. I was shocked to see construction workers were paid so well. I know my husband doesn't earn that much, but I know it does depend on the area too.
Brittany | 08.30.16 @ 16:04
This was a wonderful graph. I never really knew why we celebrated labor day, this made that pretty clear, it's def something I am looking forward to. Having the day off.
Kyle | 08.30.16 @ 16:06
That's crazy that people who marched in the first protest lost a whole day's pay just for trying to get labor rights. This day off is def more than just BBQs and shopping deals.
Chrisitna | 08.30.16 @ 16:38
Great infographic - it's eye-opening to see the numbers laid out visually and to get a bit of history.
Zanna | 08.30.16 @ 20:19
Education and Health Services combined, seems like a very low number with Health Services added in, I'd like to see those separate numbers. I'm very surprised to see that the 65+ is our largest work force group too.
Crystal | 08.31.16 @ 20:31
It's so good to see the unemployment rate dropping! I hope it continues to decline and wages go up.
Bernard | 09.06.16 @ 13:45
Chase has my interest rate at 9.16% and we have been trying to reduce that % because we are paying $70 on principle and the rest is interest.
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