Asked by an anonymous user
Answered by Kim Anderson PRO+
Financial Adviser
Have you looked at whether you can claim your mom on your tax return as your dependent--then put her on your insurance plan (as your dependent)? You may want to see h...
Asked by frederickagayer
Answered by Danielle Kunkle
Vice President
Hello, you can find the form onine here: https://www.ssa.gov/forms/ssa-561.pdf. Then fax or mail into Social Security with proof that your income is lower now than it ...
Answered by Alex Bentley PRO+
Financial Adviser in Pacific Palisades, CA
My feelings are that if Social Security and other government entitlements become too heavy a burden for future generations, they will diminish rather than go away. Th...
Asked by an anonymous user
Answered by MoneyTips Writing Staff
Financial Adviser in Los Angeles, CA
I think our Medicare 101 article may answer many of the questions you may have.
Asked by an anonymous user
Answered by Kim Miller PRO+
CFP® in Redmond, WA
Hi - let's see what I can do for you. The first order of business with an inheritance is to pay off any existing debts. If your only income is disability payments, g...
Asked by Celeste
Answered by Peter Navarra
Insurance Agent in Torrance, CA
In my opinion, plan "F" is a good option because it covers 100% of where Original Medicare leaves off. Any doctor in the United States that accepts Original Medicare w...
Asked by Meredith L
Answered by Amber Lidskin
Insurance Agent in Gold River, CA
My name is Amber Lidskin, and I am a Medicare Insurance Agent and specialist with Kuhtz Diehl Insurance Services. I would be happy to answer that question. Medic...
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