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Community Manager at MoneyTips in Los Angeles, CA


Over 16 years experience successfully growing, nurturing, and promoting online communities with proven success. A social media superstar who innately understands the power of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest other social media and SEO to promote and influence traffic. Experience managing communities with both sensitive topics and difficult members as well as working with experts to host various workshops, and discussion groups. Excellent written and verbal communication skills make communicating with members, customers and co-workers easy through emails, blogs, and other update methods. Whether working solo, or managing a dynamic team of co-workers or subordinates always able to multi-task, prioritize, and execute tasks in a timely manner, all while working remotely. Specialties: Specializes in engaging community at a core level to increase traffic, participation, and engagement. Using Twitter, Facebook and other social media to increase traffic. Specializes in managing online communties with focus on women's issues, parenting issues, family topics, and relationships. Has also worked in communities of varied cultures and languages. Always aware of current social media trends and capable of changing priorities quickly to manage changes that affect the industry.

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(618) 670-9835
11801 Mississippi Ave Suite 100 in Los Angeles, CA 90025
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Angela really understands the mortgage industry and consumer needs.

Posted on Jun 18

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