David Tobias

Senior Loan Originator

Mortgage Professional at MoneyTips and McLean Mortgage - Greensboro, NC in Seattle, WA


16 years of senior leadership positions executing marketing and sales initiatives for established brands, online media, and high-tech/progressive companies; successful track record in managing and developing teams to achieve desired growth, sales quotas, and revenue targets; significant experience in sales and new business, client development, generating brand community, and strategic partnerships; expert in all channels of modern and emerging digital media, planning and executing marketing strategies, and forecasting results.

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(310) 209-8611
2045 S. Barrington Unit A in Seattle, WA 90025
Languages: I speak a lot of languages. I can speak mandrin, farsi, english, and a bunch of languages you haven't heard of. I can write as much as I want too. Let's see how this show up on my profile page. I bet it's going to look awkward.


It's been a pleasure

Your professionalism is outstanding. Thanks for advising my finances all of these years.

henry on Aug 14

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David Tobias
Mortgage Professional in Seattle, WA — Thanks my pleasure. Always a pleasure to serve my clients! | 08.14.19 @ 17:14
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  • FHA
  • Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit
  • Home Purchase
  • Jumbo
  • Refinance
  • VA




CA Real Estate License




Operations Manager
VP of Sales & Operations
VP of eCommerce
VP of Customer Acquisition
SVP of Operations & Sales
SVP of Digital Marketing & Sales
Vice President, GM


University of California, Santa Barbara