Our Spending and Saving Habits (Infographic)

Will your Wallet Affect your Presidential Vote?

Our Spending and Saving Habits (Infographic)
July 25, 2016

According to a recent survey by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, half of Americans are confident that they are saving enough for retirement, and half are not. Which side are you on? See how your spending, saving, and budgeting habits compare to your fellow Americans in our infographic above.

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STOKES | 07.25.16 @ 19:56
I'm surprised that many Americans have budgets and stick to them.
irene | 07.25.16 @ 19:56
Interesting, but no my budget doesn't affect my vote.
Wanda Langley | 07.25.16 @ 19:58
My Budget does not affect my Vote one way or the other. I am hoping that I am saving enough for my Retirement.
Ron | 07.25.16 @ 19:58
My political ideas haven't changed much at all in 21 years of voting and my financial situation has been better before, that is for certain. That said, I am still voting for the candidate that best embodies my ideas and not what is in my wallet.
Carla | 07.25.16 @ 19:58
My budget does not influence my vote. Our budget is tight but has nothing to do with politics.
Erin | 07.25.16 @ 20:02
I have to say that my budget does not affect my vote. It might if I thought there were actually candidates who cared about my budget, but neither of the front runners do, so...
Steffanie | 07.25.16 @ 20:02
Voting has nothing to do with my budget. It's hard enough to save money without attaching it to an election.
Brittany | 07.25.16 @ 20:07
This is a really interesting graph, saving is pretty much the best way.
Heather | 07.25.16 @ 20:08
I really don't see how a budget could affect someone's vote. I can see myself though in some of these graffics
Shannon | 07.25.16 @ 20:12
Some of these numbers surprise me. I'm not sure my budget has a lot to do with my vote though.
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