Asked by MOMMOMMOM52
Answered by Dave Bradley
Investment Manager (Financial Advisor) in North Charleston, SC
Hi MOMMOMMOM52 We have some folks in this situation as well. Rather than sell you a product, we prefer to solve the underlying problem. Always do what is in your ...
Asked by MOMMOMMOM52
Answered by James Barath, CMPS
Certified Mortgage Planner in Crown Point, IN
Without knowing the specific details to your financial situation, nor the guidelines and provisions of your pension... you should go direct to your human resources and...
Asked by an anonymous user
Answered by John Carlson
President, Carlson Wealth Management in San Diego, CA
Hi - No question your first step should be to build a retirement income roadmap. As a complimentary service we can help you build it so you can evaluate your options....
Asked by smittylov
Answered by Hosh Weekes
Financial Adviser in Hampton, VA
Thanks for bringing forth such a good question that many Americans, including yourself, need to know how to answer. I'm going to attempt to give you a general understa...
Asked by ambergjk
Answered by MoneyTips Writing Staff
Financial Adviser in Los Angeles, CA
Your Social Security estimate can change based on when you actually retire and when you file. You should visit the Social Security Planner's page and definitely check ...
Asked by Paulmeech
Answered by Barry Rabinowitz
Financial Adviser in Plantation, FL
Hi. There is something called Pension Guarantee Fund, which may provide you with the same or reduced pension if your company plan is discontinued, or fails. The compan...
Asked by ruben5702
Answered by Michael Zaino
President & CEO, TZG Financial in Charlotte, NC
Such a tough question to answer, as how much is ever "enough"? Many factors come into play. What types of retirement vehicles have you used to amass your nest egg? ...
Asked by Bill
Answered by Bill
Since nobody has answered, let me offer one. There are three alternatives: (1) sell the pension benefit (or take a lump-sum payout in lieu of the pension) and u...
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