Social Security and American Retirement (Infographic)

How U.S. Retirees Rely On Social Security

Social Security and American Retirement (Infographic)
September 12, 2016

With people living longer and costs rising, but pensions disappearing and savings stagnating, Social Security is playing a large role in supporting our retirees. Discover how important Social Security income is to American seniors above, and then check out our infographic on the future of the program.

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STOKES | 09.12.16 @ 15:24
Americans are entirely too dependent on Social Security. It isn't stable enough to sustain everyone who has paid into it.
Alec | 09.12.16 @ 15:28
It's scary how many seniors depend on social security. I know a lot of seniors who have had issues due to this. Social security isn't paying as much as it should or they can't really live off what they're being paid. I'm scared by the time my husband and I reach that age that social security will be gone entirely!
Carla | 09.12.16 @ 15:29
I am so afraid that we won't have enough saved for retirement. The poverty levels are higher than I anticipated. I wish for a better system in the future. Growing old should not be so worrysome.
Jo Ann | 09.12.16 @ 16:17
I am one of those dependent on Social Security. It is a blessing for me because without it I would be living with one of my children. I hope they take steps to keep it solvent for the future generations.
Zanna | 09.12.16 @ 16:39
Pensions are now only offered for the top, and the rest of the lucky ones have some sort of retirement investments that we hope do well enough to help us when we retire. I'm afraid if social security collapses we'll all be in big trouble!
Chrisitna | 09.12.16 @ 17:30
Sadly there's no security in anything anymore - not many jobs provide pensions nowadays, and when you are barely scraping by as it is, it's really difficult to put anything substantial away to retire on. It's getting scary, as I get closer to retirement age I worry all the time that I won't have enough to retire.
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