Video: Automated Investments

Joe Ziemer explains why you should use Tech to grow your Money in this Exclusive MoneyTips video

June 1, 2016 Should you let computers select your investments? Joe Ziemer, who runs communications and policy initiaitves at Betterment, the largest automated investment service, explains why in this exclusive MoneyTips video.
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Steffanie | 06.01.16 @ 20:01
I can't say I feel comfortable with a computer making those decisions. Maybe with a little bit of money at a time.
Carla | 06.01.16 @ 20:01
I don't feel safe letting computers choose my investments. Security issues would make me nervous.
Kelley | 06.01.16 @ 20:02
Having computers give you advice would make sense. But ultimately, I think there are too many factors and I wouldn't trust electronics to make my financial decisions for me.
trish | 06.01.16 @ 20:06
I think I am still in the need to talk to someone personally, before making decisions like that. Allowing electronics to choose for me, is a little out of my comfort zone...
Leah | 06.01.16 @ 20:07
In theory this makes sense. But i feel there are too many variables in life that cant be factored into the system to get an accurate report.
Kate | 06.01.16 @ 20:07
I never knew that you could use tech that way. I also do not know if I feel comfortable letting computers make those decisions for me. I know computers are smart, but there is a limit to my trust in them.
Bobbie | 06.01.16 @ 20:09
I would have to start small and build up. Having a computer make the picks is just too scary for me.
Brittany | 06.01.16 @ 20:14
I don't particular like the idea of a computer having that much control over my finances.
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