Video: College Students are the Best Investors!

Latisha Styles reveals tips for college-aged investors in this Exclusive MoneyTips video

August 10, 2016

Latisha Styles, the founder of, thinks the best stock market investors aren't found on Wall Street, but on campus! In this exclusive MoneyTips video, the millennial money expert explains why and reveals tips for investors still in college in this Exclusive MoneyTips video.

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Sara | 08.10.16 @ 15:20
I honestly would have thought they would be the worst. I guess the more you know.
irene | 08.10.16 @ 15:20
Interesting, but I suppose when you are young and in college you are able to take more risks with your money
Jonathan | 08.10.16 @ 15:20
Never too early to start saving!
Kyle | 08.10.16 @ 15:20
This would kind of make sense as more college students tend to be more aware of finances than later generations.
Steffanie | 08.10.16 @ 15:20
I would not have put them as the best investors. Maybe they will help our country get back on track!
Erin | 08.10.16 @ 15:21
It's always easier to take bigger risks when you're younger and have more time to recoup any losses. There is some great advice in this video that I will be sharing with some people. Thanks!
Brittany | 08.10.16 @ 15:21
Interesting indeed. I think its probably because college has become so expensive and so many young people are having to pay out of pocket.
Carla | 08.10.16 @ 15:22
I'm a bit surprised that college students invest. I wasn't very responsible in my school days.
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