What Financial Advisors Say Are Your Biggest Investing Mistakes (Infographic)

Natixis Global Survey Reveals how Advisors feel about their Business and their Clients

What Financial Advisors Say Are Your Biggest Investing Mistakes (Infographic)
March 14, 2016 What do financial advisors think is the biggest mistake their clients make in investing? Are they worried about robo-advisors taking away their business? Check out our infographic above to see the results of a recent global survey of 2,400 financial advisors.
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Steffanie | 03.15.16 @ 13:52
These are some good guidelines to use if you are investing. Emotional investing is the biggest no-no, by far, at least in my thoughts.
Erin | 03.15.16 @ 13:52
Lots of interesting information in an easy-to-read graphic. It's interesting to see how investors and advisors look at the same issues differently.
Sarah | 03.15.16 @ 13:54
This is a great infographic, so easy to understand. Very useful information.
Carla | 03.15.16 @ 13:55
I agree with the advisors in one of the biggest mistakes is not sticking to a plan. We have went off course more than once due to life situations.
irene | 03.15.16 @ 13:55
Great info and I agree on the emotional investing, you really need to separate your feelings first
Zanna | 03.15.16 @ 14:01
Definitely agree that biggest challenge is growing investments enough to meet retirement goals beyond just living expenses. I'm really concerned about whether that is even possible to do in this day and age. It's scary.
Beverly | 03.15.16 @ 14:02
Interesting to see the difference between advisors and investors and how they view things. Great graphic to show that.
Heather | 03.15.16 @ 14:08
Just looking over this information reiterates to me that you need to find a very trustworthy financial advisor that has your best interests at heart and not theirs.
trish | 03.15.16 @ 14:09
Such useful information with a great graphic to make for easy understanding. Let my financial advisor lead the way!
Sara | 03.15.16 @ 14:21
Hm these are some good guidelines if you plan to invest. What is funny though is most advisors and investors are all going to tell you something different depending on issue and where they stand on it.
Nancy | 05.23.16 @ 20:06
This is very exciting to read about. I'm in my mid-fifties and I think I'm much more socially conscious than a lot of young people today.
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