Asked by Lynn  |  Submitted September 05, 2013

Why do I need medical coverage on my auto insurance?

I was reading my renewal policy and I saw something called "medical coverage" on it. Why do I need that if I have health insurance? Also, why are the amounts so low?

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September 05, 2013

Great question and one that is often overlooked. Some/many states require medical coverage on auto policies. For those without health insurance, this can be important coverage as the medical costs due to an auto accident can be significant. In some states, medical coverage may cover costs not covered by health insurance like mobility aids (lifts/ramps/etc) in the home.

Can't speak for Pennsylvania specifically but you might want to check with your agent or broker to see if that is the case with your policy. Would also ask if the medical coverage on your auto policy covers your health insurance deductible & any co-pays or co-insurance.

The amounts are likly low because they are meant to supplement your health insurance and not replace it.

It used to be that the additional premium for medical ocverage wasn't too high relative to the coverage, but that has changed over the years in concert with rising medical costs.

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